{Good Thing} Rehearsal Bouquet

January 21, 2008 at 7:45 am 2 comments

One thing I love as much as paper is ribbon. Silk ribbon that is. Different sizes, patterns and colors… there’s something so pretty about them. Obviously when I saw this good thing from Martha, I couldn’t wait to put it in good use for my wedding rehearsal.

I give you the awesome Rehearsal Bouquet:

Image Courtesy of Marthastewart.com

A bride shouldn’t walk down the aisle at the rehearsal empty-handed. This bouquet, made out of ribbons is a much more practical accessory. To make the bouquet, draw a circle on a piece of card stock with a compass. Cut out the circle, scalloping the edges. Cut a 1-inch X in center. Fold each piece of ribbon in half, and make a knot in the middle of the folded ribbon. Thread the ends from the top down through the X until the knots rest on the surface of the card stock. Gather the ribbon ends together, and, starting just below the card stock, bind them together by wrapping them tightly with an additional ribbon to create a 4-inch handle. Secure the binding ribbon with two straight pins. Trim ribbon ends to various lengths, then finish by trimming the ends at an angle or by cutting notches into each end.

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